Published Writing

“Chicago Artist Archives and Artists Project: Full Interview with D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem,” Sixty Inches from the Center, February 15, 2018,
Decentering Biennial Culture: Haiti’s 5th Annual Ghetto Biennial,” Chicago Artist Writers, February 12, 2018,
“In Conversation with Ti Moun Rezistans,” Arts.Black, January 19, 2018,
“Tschabalala Self: Body Agency Painting the Whole Picture of the Black Female Experience,” part of the exhibition series Untie to Tie, August 7, 2017,
“Tschabalala Self: Painting the Whole Picture of the Black Female Experience,” ContemporaryAnd, July 17, 2017,
“The Black Presidential Imaginary,” Arts.Black, May 26th, 2017,
“A Taste of Chicago’s Renaissance: Noname at Metro Chicago,” Bad at Sports, March 6th, 2017,
“Locating Tenderness in Trauma: The Afrosurreal in Moonlight and Lemonade,” Contemporary And, February 23, 2017,
“In Search of the Extraordinary: A Review of Krista Franklin’s Quest for the Marvelous,” Bad at Sports, January 25, 2017,
“Kimberly Drew, Rashayla Marie Brown, and the Politics of Being Indigestible,”Sixty Inches From the Center, January 2, 2017,
“Institutional Garbage: Archiving the Emotions of Art Institutions,” Sixty Inches From the Center, December 16, 2016,
“Race Abstracted: Thelma Golden and the New Global Black Aesthetic,” November 1st, 2016, Sixty Inches From the Center, November 1st, 2016,
“Whose Really Making America Great Again: New Narratives of the Diaspora in Hot Seven,” Sixty Inches From the Center, September 17, 2016,
“Searching for Visibility: Documenting Racial Strife and Police Brutality Before #BlackLivesMatter and the Information Age,” Bad at Sports, August 12, 2016,
“The Black Experience,” Fnews Magazine, April 28, 2016,
“Times Already Changed at Cabrini-Green,” Fnews Magazine, March 7, 2016,
“Haiti Earthquake Inspires Expat to Launch her Dream Museum,” Chicago Community Trust, January 4th, 2016,
“A Renowned Muralist’s Tribute to His Grand Crossing Routes.” Chicago Community Trust, December 14, 2015,
“A Lens on Pilsen,” Fnews Magazine, November 16, 2015,

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