The Black Experience (April 2016)


The Black Experience was the first annual event that provided a cross pollination of inter-generational, multidisciplinary art exchange through a Black cultural lens, and provided a deeper awareness around the plurality of artistic practices within SAIC’s Black community.

The African Diaspora in Chicago holds great significance, and is one of the reasons why Chicago is considered an internationally recognized cultural hub. In addition to engaging the SAIC community, The Black Experience integrated the artistic histories and practices of graduating Black SAIC students within their greater Chicago community.

Curatorial Team: Sadie Woods, Norman Teague, Wisdom Baty, Da’Niro Elle Brown, and Sabrina Greig

Featured Artists:
Wisdom Baty
Courtney Cintron
Alexandria Douziech
André Fuqua
Shané K. Gooding
Sabrina Greig
Sherae Rimpsey
Yemonja Smalls
Darryl DeAngelo Terrell
Naimah Thomas
Derrick Woods-Morrow
Norman Teague
Darius Thomas
Omar Velázquez
Bruce Wilson
Sadie Woods

Special Guest:
avery r young & de deacon board

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