Body as Image (May 2018)

Body as Image, on view at the Chicago Artist Coalition, presents three Chicago-based artists exploring the body, gender, and race through historical and contemporary modes of photography. By distorting the viewer’s perception of space and time through medium, Kioto Aoki, Colleen Keihm, and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell invite viewers to encounter the unique intimacy of experimental photographic processes. The range of alternative photographic processes exhibited — including coffee-stained cyanotype portraits, monochromatic celluloid film, and photograms made from the collaged photographs of Richard Serra sculptures — capitalize on the unpredictability of handcrafted elements and textures. In our era of smartphones, Adobe Photoshop, social media and intangible virtual realities, the work on view collectively challenges the impalpable process of digital photography by incorporating handmade manipulation and process-based methods of layering material.

Collectively, the artists in Body as Image use the medium of photography to resist societal norms of representing the body from an array of vantage points including, selfie culture, art historical patriarchy, and marginalized minority youth. Kioto Aoki, Colleen Keihm, Darryl DeAngelo Terrell reveal how artists are negotiating the politics of an overly media-saturated society by tackling questions concerning visibility and authentic narratives outside of digital storytelling.

Installation photos: Colleen Keihm

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