Pòtrè was a collaborative printmaking and curatorial project I launched as part of the programming for the 5th annual Ghetto Biennial–a cross-cultural art fair in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on December 11th-18th. Through this project, I taught three introductory relief printmaking workshops to local Haitian artists who are part of the artist collectives Ti Moun Rezistans in Grand Rue, the Saint Soleil School of Painting, and interdisciplinary practitioners at Le Centre D’Art. All workshops were centered on portraiture and self-representation, prompting students to creatively envision themselves through the medium of linoleum reductive prints as a method of emancipation and radical self-love. The final prints were curated and exhibited on-site of the Ghetto Biennial with the intention of changing the narrative surrounding global perceptions of the city and citizens of Port-au-Prince.

Installation at the Ghetto Biennial

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Photos by Laura Heyman


Workshop with artist collective Ti Moun Rezistans:

Photos by Juyo Vany Sainvil

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Workshop with artist collective Saint Soleil School of Painting

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Workshop at Le Centre D’Art

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